Rycycle clothes. Why?

instagram_bohemian_recycle Why recycle clothes? Well, I think that we have already EVERYTHING that we NEED on this planet. There is no need for new new new, more more more productions and more useless plastic packages and using resources! Here is my insta post on this topic:Β  Β  I want to remind you about the #plasticfreejuly and inspire you to try to not use as much plastic as you would usually do! 🎊🌸 it is surprisingly easy and extreme healthy to buy unprocessed foods and fresh veggies πŸ‡πŸ‰πŸŠπŸˆπŸŽπŸ†πŸ› also it will save you time and Money πŸ’°πŸ›πŸ‘›πŸ€— here are some sad facts, that inspired me to start my plastic free july: πŸŠπŸˆπŸ‡πŸ‰ We produced half of all the plastic that is on this planet in the last 15 years! How it is going to look like in another 15 years!? The animals in the ocean are crying for help! YOU HAVE AN IMPACT! How big is your ecological footprint? How much plastic do you use and throw away? Remember just 5% of all the plastic that has been produced also is going to be #recycled! #plasticfreejuly is a great oportunity to start a #zerowaste life! πŸ› say no to plastic bags, say no to plastic straws, dont buy food that is processed or packed in plastic. Anyway fresh fruits and veggies are healthier and better for you and your family and also for your wallet! πŸŽπŸŠπŸ‰πŸˆπŸ‡πŸ†πŸ‹πŸ’°πŸ‘›πŸŽŠ organic food rests can be composted or you can bring it to farmers market. Who is going to take the July challenge? 🎊😍πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ recycled Vintage fashion can be found in my online store: link in bio or http://www.wildmimicouture.com, love& peace πŸ‡πŸ‰πŸŒΈπŸŠπŸŒΈ #plasticfree #saynotoplastic #saynotostraws #plasticfreemermaid #zerowastejuly #noplastic #litterisforlosers #trashisfortossers #savetheocean #savetheplanet #recycle


Wild Bohemian Desert vibes

Wild Bohemian Desert vibes. This photoshooting took place in the Dunes of Corralejo (Dunas de Corralejo, Fuerteventura) All clothes are made by me and modeled by me! Check them out in my onlineshop: http://www.wildmimicouture.com This dunes came originally from Marrocco and when there is the Kalima, there is even comming more sand from Africa to our beautiful wander dunes of corralejo! Hope you like it


How we decided to buy a van, build it and travel spain

It was a very spontanious decision to go away from Barcelona, to travel the world, to live free was always the dream, but never sth that we could really imagine and had planned it for a long time. Actually it took us 2 weeks to prepare everything, because of the dramatic rent increase in Barcelona our landlord wanted instead of the 500 euros that we paid in a new contract 1500 and so we said maybe the universe sends us a sign to pack the bags and leave. Also there was the terror attack a few weeks ago and difficult situation with Calalunya trying to get autonom andΒ  our day to day life was very much influenced by the demonstrations, strikes, metrostrikes etc and lets face it it was stressy, my friend Alex always says: Barcelona is a demanding, although breathtakingly beautiful city . So we said, lets decide where to go, where to travel or move to! We are free and we wanna see the world! I have a friend in Nicaragua, that invited me to enjoy the paradisy jungle and beaches there. My boy wanted to go somewhere where he can surf. Also in the talking was going to New Zealand, both we have friends over there and one day a friend from Fuerteventura called to him and said why you dont come over here, its like paradise, just without plants, its desert, you can surf everyday on different spots, the beaches are amazing the water is cristalclear and it is sooo different from everything that we have seen in Spain Peninsula. So we decided 2 weeks before we had to leave the flat, (cause there was no way to pay that money for that hole) to go to Fuerteventura, we checked the ferrys and there were the next ones one month after we had to move out, so we said: Roadtrip time! Amazing, spontainious joy and excitement was filling us for the next 2 weeks and we had really soooo much to do. Also cause we had a looot of stuff, my vintage online shop and designer shop stock, that I was collecting since years was filling up already all the inside of the van. it looked crazy and sometimes I thought it will never work out, we must leave everything here, the van will not get ready until then and and and. But thanks god we didnt worked fulltime . So we searched our “Furgi” the name I gave “her”, the van πŸ™‚ Its a she, ok?Β  So we searched some vans and actually it was the first one that we test drived and felt in love with her immidiately. It is a Nissan Trade 75 from 1997, had just 110.000 km, one and the same owner all her time, she was parked in a garage every night and in a very very good condition. Also the room inside for putting a bed and a kitchen was big and we loved that there were no windows, cause then it will not get too hot or too cold in there to sleep. So we bought her in Tarragona and brought her to Barcelona, what was super difficult to find a parking space in the city, that weΒ  could park it there and work on it, without annoying anyone and we could come with the train or walking with our tools and all. Mostly at night we brought her under our house and drove her in the morning at 8 to the end of the city next to diagonal mar at the huge parking and work on the inside all day long. It was september, still hot. We melted in the sun, but I loved it. I enjoyed every single minute of it, maybe cause all the really hard work my boyfriend did πŸ™‚ Thanks go a friend of him that was super motivated in the building of the Van he had a van building buddy. We bought a second hand bed that can be put as a sofa or as a bed. To be able to bring all the stuff with us we had to enlarge the legs so there was enough space under the bed to store thousands of vintage clothes and music equipment. We painted the floor 2 times, washed everything, put an isolation on the walls, on the floor and on the ceiling. One day we came to the van and the battery just wouldnt start anymore, maybe cause it was old, there was not plugged in anything. We had bought a Travel Flo Electricity converter that you could connect to the battery to plug in laptops, lights, phones etc, but it wasnt even plugged to the battery.. So it was like a mystery to us, (actually a 100 Euro mystery) cause just the day before we had parked it there and it just wouldnt start anymore in the morning for no reason. So we found out that there was a car service like 1 km from the car and we brought the old battery there and brought a new one. hell, that thing is sooo heavy, good thing was we had a shopping trolley. So we kept working, every day, every night. It was hard, we had so little time, so much stuff and so much to do, to quit and to say goodbye.Β  At night we just layed down completely exhausted and felt asleep immideately even with the crazy neighbours, that made confusion all night long, we just sleeped like babys anyway. And in the morning starting again at 7 to wake up and work again on the Van. Until the day came that we had to leave, it was a sunday, so perfect for traveling on the motorway, first goal was to go as much south as we came that day. We woke up at 7, the friend of my boy came to say us goodbye, nights the guys packed everything into and up the van and I was organizing stuff upstairs. So we woke up, filled with excitement and joy and the mood that morning of the city was so strange, it was so early morning, we started at 8:00, 01.10. It began to rain and in the streets infront of schools and kindergardens there were hundreds of catalunyian people, who had waited to sign for the autonomy of catalunya and to demonstrate. I drove like always and infront of my car there jumped a guy with a camera to film the spectacle, I turn to the side and didnt hit him. it was really like in a movie, the rain, the angry people, the moody clouds and us with a hot mate and cookies and full with dream about adventures and excitement leaving all this behind. My boy said to me, “this is the first time in my life that I dont have a key to a house, ever. ” and i smiled to him. There is nothing better that this feeling of complete freedom and that you are going to places you never had seen before. In front of us one month of traveling and beach live, adventures and 1500 km to the south, to Huelva, where our ship to Fuerteventura was leaving on the end of Oktober…. Read soon more


Miss Bohemian beach outfit: Barcelona



Boots: Hector Riccione

Shirt: Pitusa

Photos by: ICB Studios





Miss Bohemian x Layerboots x Sara O Barcelona


Shop jacket here: handmade by me

Shoes: Layerboots

Top and Skirt: Sarao Barcelona




This are one of my favorite pictures of Barcelona. My wonderful friend Katharina took them, while we were walking and climbing up the Tibidabo mountainin Barcelona. When you are in Barcelona, you should definitely do a walking up the Tibidabo, because the view is breathtaking and you can relax (if it is not too hot) between the trees and have some nice tapas in the restaurant on the way down . We went there in January, it was a bit dusty, but I am sure, when you catch a good day, you even have a better view.


The jacket is one of my handmade creations, it is an unique piece and just excists once. It is sold out. But I am able to create one similar to this for you. Just send me a message.



Miss BohemianΒ  wanderlife+travel+barcelona+view+nature+hiking+climbing+travelblog+blog+travellingwanderlife+travel+barcelona+view+nature+hiking+climbing+travelblog+blog+travelling_blogwanderlife+travel+barcelona+view+nature+hiking+climbing+travelblog+blog+travelling_blog2wanderlife+travel+barcelona+view+nature+hiking+climbing+travelblog+blog+travelling_travel


Barcelona Calling

barcelona+fashionblogger+fashionblog+miss+bohemian+miss+boho+bohemian+boho+fashion+addict+fashionista+ootd+70Β΄s+60Β΄sBarcelona is calling! And I have to answer! There we go! I am moving to Barcelona

Inspiration Boho Beach fotos

1426ad535f6bf2a520e742df260ea7f8 9033556a950dd1ff2eed1c2002e95151Here are some of my favorite beach boho shots. Source: pinterest

Flower power dress out now

miss-bohemian-layer-boots-photoshooting-kike-arnaiz-photoshooting-sara-o-jacket-missbohemian-monjuic-barcelona-boho-flowerdress- -bohemian-sunsetmiss-bohemian-layer-boots-photoshooting-kike-arnaiz-photoshooting-sara-o-jacket-missbohemian-monjuic-barcelona-boho --flowerdress-fashion-bohemian-sunsetmiss-bohemian-layer-boots-photoshooting-kike-arnaiz-photoshooting-sara-o-jacket-missbohemian-flowerdress-monjuic-barcelona-boho-flowerdress- -bohemian-sunsetmiss-bohemian-layer-boots-photoshooting-kike-arnaiz-photoshooting-sara-o-jacket-missbohemian-monjuic-flowerdress-barcelona-boho -sunsetmiss-bohemian-layer-boots-photoshooting-kike-arnaiz-photoshooting-sara-o-jacket-flowerdress-missbohemian-monjuic-barcelona-boho-shoes-masala-boots -sunsetClick here for the dress: www.wildmimicouture.com